Having Another baby

Having another baby, whether through planning or by surprise, can induce a multitude of feelings ranging from excitement, happiness, astonishment, concern, and anxiety. If you are thinking about having a second child or have discovered that you are pregnant again, then these articles may give you points to consider, provide information as a source of knowledge for further exploration or comfort, and help you with answers to questions on what to expect during this new life adventure.

This section will deal with a range of topics to help you with having another child; topics include the following:

  • Choice motivations for having another baby
  • Planning and preparing for a second pregnancy
  • My second pregnancy wasn't planned
  • Health considerations when having another baby
  • Telling your partner and first child that your are expecting again
  • What to expect when having another baby
  • Possible complications when having another baby
  • Differences in midwife care
  • Attending to the first child when having another baby

Having Another baby:

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