Pregnancy and Tanning Pills

Tanning pills are often advertised via web sites or through certain magazines; however, these pills are illegal in many countries such as the United Kingdom due to their damaging effects, especially to pregnant mothers and unborn babies. To give a tanned look, these tablets consist of a toxic chemical called canthaxanthin or beta-carotene which stores in the body fat layers over the long term.

Effects of beta-carotene

When excessive amounts of beta-carotene build up in the body fat layers for the tanning effect to the skin, it causes some severe health conditions that may include nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, and orangey-coloured secretions. The skin may become dry and itchy, which exacerbates the skin itchiness that may already be experienced during pregnancy. The skin irritation can lead to allergic reactions. In addition, the chemical can inhibit the bone marrow from making new blood cells in a condition called aplastic anemia, and this can harmfully impact the development of the foetus.

Tanning pills should not be used under any circumstances when pregnant, for the health of both the pregnant mother and her unborn baby.

Tanning and Pregnancy:

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