Q8. Does perio protect hurt?

A8. No. It is a painless procedure which is easy to manage and fits nicely into your daily routine. Just slip the trays into your mouth and over your existing teeth. They will fit comfortably over your teeth as per the original impressions taken by your dentist.

Your perio protect trays can only be worn by you and nobody else.

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Perio Protect FAQs

  1. What is perio protect?
  2. What can it treat?
  3. What causes gum disease?
  4. How does perio protect work?
  5. Can anyone have perio protect?
  1. What do the perio protect trays contain?
  2. How long do I wear the trays for?
  3. Does perio protect hurt?
  4. How much does perio protect cost?
  5. Where can I get perio protect?

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