Q4. How does perio protect work?

A4. To start with, the dentist will take an impression of your upper and lower teeth which is then sent to a laboratory. The lab will use this to construct your custom made trays.

This will take around two weeks.

Once these are ready, you will return for these to be fitted. The dentist will observe you fitting them into your mouth with the aim of ensuring that you are comfortable with using them.

These trays contain a substance which has a similar texture to toothpaste which contains anti-bacterial agents. This substance does not contain antibiotics but it does include an oxidising agent which kills any infection.

This substance travels down a channel into the infected area of the gum. Once there it starts to kill off any infection and acts as a form of control over any further build ups of bacteria. In other words, it stops you from developing any more infections.

Your dentist will instruct as to how often you must wear these trays and the duration. Follow these instructions carefully.

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