Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten teeth whitening is also known as the ‘Enlighten Deep Bleaching System’. It is a combination of two methods – a home based kit and an in-house teeth whitening session.

This treatment is split into two sessions: the first session is where your dentist takes an impression of your teeth – using a wax mould which is then used to create a set of custom made bleaching trays.

These trays are designed to fit over your teeth and contain a concentrate of carbamide peroxide gel. This type of bleaching agent is less concentrated than that used by your dentist.

Once the bleaching trays are ready you take these trays home with you and wear them over your teeth every night for the next 14 days. These trays must be worn with a whitening gel.

Don’t worry your dentist will give you instructions on how to do this.

The purpose of this is to prepare your teeth for the deep bleaching session which takes place at the dental clinic.

On day 15, you return to the dental clinic where your dentist will carry out the deep bleaching session. He or she will use a stringer type of bleaching agent – hydrogen peroxide which gives instant results. This treatment can result in your teeth being at least 15 shades lighter!

What happens in the deep bleaching session?

Your dentist will apply the whitening gel to your teeth before exposing them to the Enlighten whitening lamp for three, 20 minute sessions.

Your gums will be protected throughout: the dentist will also use a check retractor to pull back your cheeks and lips and so protect them from the bleach. You may be given a lip balm as well.

If you are worried about pain or sensitivity then rest assured that the dentist will use a gel which is designed to minimise this.

Does it need to be repeated?

Not always. Most patients find that this treatment is permanent although some will require ‘topping up’ every 8 weeks. This topping up can be done using a home whitening kit.

The more heavily stained your teeth the more whitening sessions will be needed.

Any risks?

This treatment is highly successful as many satisfied patients will testify to. However, all procedures come with a small amount of risk and it’s as well to be aware of this.

These risks include gum irritation and teeth sensitivity. Your teeth may become sensitive after this treatment which shows itself in twinges or sharp pains when eating or drinking anything hot or cold. However, this does tend to wear off a day after the treatment.

Your dentist can give you a special gel to put on your teeth which will soothe any pain or discomfort.

It is probably a good idea to avoid red wine, tea or coffee, spicy food such as curries and smoking (if you are a smoker) for up to a week following this treatment.

This treatment is very similar to the Zoom tooth whitening brand.

Other treatments include Zoom teeth whitening, Enlighten teeth whitening, home tooth whitening kits and whitening toothpastes.

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