How long does teeth whitening last for?

If you follow a regular hygiene routine and have frequent check ups then the effects can be permanent. Bear in mind that to achieve this you will need to have ‘maintenance’ or ‘top up’ sessions once a year or so just to preserve your white smile.

Your dentist will advise you on what routine to follow to keep your newly whitened teeth. This will include no dark coloured foods or drinks, such as red wine, for at least a week after treatment and brushing and flossing twice a day.

Note: if you have undergone root canal treatment then you can still have tooth whitening but this is done as an Internal Tooth Whitening procedure.

This procedure starts with the dentist taking an x-ray of your tooth to check that it is suitable for tooth whitening. He or she will make a small hole in the back of the tooth in order to expose the root canal filling.

A special ‘lining’ is placed over this followed by the placement of the whitening gel. The dentist will use a tooth coloured material to close this hole.

This tooth will be checked a couple of days later to see how it its progressing. Once it achieves the right amount of lightening a permanent tooth coloured filling will be used to seal the tooth.

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