Q13. Can you still be sexually active after the menopause?

A13. The answer to that is yes. Many women experience painful sex as a result of vagina dryness which puts them off sex but this can be treated.

During this time it is important that the woman’s partner understands about this issue and the effect is has upon her mental and physical wellbeing. A couple need to discuss this issue and consider new ways of achieving pleasure which are non-sexual such as massage.

There are a number of vaginal lubricants and creams available which can improve lubrication and your sex life.

Some women find that their sex lives improve after the menopause which is often due to a freedom from worrying about pregnancy or menstruation. They feel confident and sexy and find that they are more likely to become sexually aroused as a result.

Find out more about vaginal lubricants and other similar treatment in our menopause treatment section.


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