Q14. Why do women fear the menopause?

A14. There is a stigma attached to the menopause in which it is viewed as a time when a woman is no longer fertile, is growing old and less attractive than before.

A woman is often seen as old, unattractive and less of a woman after the menopause. Plus this coupled with the fixed image people have of a crazy, hormonal harridan hardly helps matters.

Many women feel a sense of sadness at the fact that their reproductive capacities have come to an end. They are unlikely to have more children which can be difficult to accept.

Plus there is the fact that we live in a society which is youth-centric and judges women on their physical attractiveness. A young woman is seen as having a higher value than an older woman which causes a great deal of stress and worry.

Many women try any number of things to retain their youth as well as holding off the ageing process but the fact remains that we all grow old in the end. The aim is to do it gracefully.

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