Q16. Why is there so much controversy around HRT?

A16. The reason for this is that there have been several studies which show an increased risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke as a result of taking HRT.

This has led to many women stopping HRT.

But it appears to be the case that these risks develop following long term use of HRT, for example, taking it over a 10 year period.

However HRT has proved to be effective for thousands of women at easing the symptoms of the menopause.

It is an individual decision. If you are thinking of taking HRT then research it carefully, learn about the various issue surrounding it and talk to your GP. He or she will explain about the benefits and the risks before assessing your suitability for HRT.

If HRT is not recommended then he/she will suggest an alternative.

Find out more in our risks of hormone replacement therapy section.


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