Q3. Why should I consider a vasectomy?

A3. If you have decided not to have children or if both of you feel that your family is complete and you don’t want any more children. You do need to be absolutely sure that this is what you want as a vasectomy is usually a permanent state of affairs.

It is an option for couples who don’t want children and find it difficult to use temporary forms of contraception.

It is a better option for older rather than younger men as there is always the chance that a young man will change his mind in the future about wanting a family. As a result of this some surgeons prefer a younger man to wait until he is older and certain that is what he wants.

It is a major decision to make and not something to be entered into lightly.

It can be reversed but this is not without its difficulties and is less successful than a vasectomy.

Find out more in our suitability for a vasectomy section.

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