Q4. Am I suitable for a vasectomy?

A4. This will be decided during the consultation between you and the surgeon. He or she will look at your lifestyle, reasons for wanting a vasectomy and your medical history. He/she will also take into account any surgery you have had before, particularly if it was performed in that area, for example, surgery to treat an undescended testicle.

If you are aged 30 or under then you may be asked to talk to a counsellor before you undergo a vasectomy. This is to determine how serious you are about the procedure and that you are fully aware of what it means. A vasectomy is usually for life so you do need to be absolutely clear on this point. There is always the possibility of you changing your mind later on and this is more likely to happen with a young man rather than an older man.

Every case is treated on an individual basis. If someone is turned down for surgery then it is usually for very good reasons, e.g. the surgery is likely to endanger your health.

Find out more in our initial consultation section.

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