How much does a dental implant cost?

Dental implants may seem appear costly but the price quoted includes not only the implant but the cost of the consultation, the dentist’s fees, bone grafting – if required and the cost of the materials such as the replacement teeth.

You will find however, that having several replacement teeth is cheaper than a single tooth. The price tends to reduce the more teeth you have done so five teeth will be cheaper than four, four teeth cheaper than three and so on.

You will find that dental implant costs do vary from region to region and from one clinic to another. This is because clinics will have different prices depending on the materials used and the type of procedures.

Plus a high profile clinic is likely to charge more than a less well known one.

Dental implant treatment breakdown:

  • Consultation and diagnostics (includes x-rays/CAT scan) Cost = £50 or more
  • Dental implant (full) Cost = £600 to £2,000 or more
  • Dental implant (mini) Cost = £800 upwards (usually half of the price of the standard implant)
  • Overdenture (for example, 4 implants in the upper jaw) Cost = £10,000 or more

Note: implants in the upper jaw cost more than those in the lower jaw.

  • Bone or sinus graft (sinus graft/lift is covered in more detail in another section) Cost = £400 to £3,000 or more

The cost of the implant will also include the replacement teeth (crown, bridge etc).

As you can see this is not cheap and as a result of this many patients decide to go abroad for treatment. Known as ‘dental tourism’, the main advantage with this is a cheaper procedure in an attractive location. Many patients choose to combine their treatment with a short holiday.

There are numerous companies offering ‘dental packages’ which do just that. They sound very tempting but going abroad for treatment is not without its problems.

These include being unable to contact the dentist if something goes wrong, no or little aftercare service and unregulated clinics.

If after reading this you think going abroad would be a better (and cheaper option) then research this carefully. Many people do choose this option and are very happy with the results but be aware of the downsides.

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