Can I get any help for dental implants from the NHS?

The NHS doesn’t usually pay for dental implant treatment although there are exceptions to this. They will pay for implants if the patient shows that there is a clear medical need. In other words, they will not pay for something which you have chosen to have for lifestyle reasons.

If you require implants because of an accident or injury; a congenital defect or ill fitting dentures then the NHS may pay but you need to check this with your dentist.

The NHS had a limited budget and because so many demands are made on it they tend to prioritise treatment according to need and benefits. If you can demonstrate that this procedure will result in a major benefit for you then you may be one of the lucky ones!

If you can’t obtain NHS funding then your options include approaching a dental school to see if they will take you on as a patient, or going ‘private’.

In the latter case this means paying for the treatment yourself. If this is difficult then many clinics do have their own finance scheme which allows you to pay for your treatment via a series of instalments.

Another option is a specialist dental loan, which is comparable to other types of loan schemes. Speak to your dentist about this.

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