Hip surgery : Specialists

What does the hip do?

The hip plays an important role in that it supports the weight of the body whilst standing or moving. The hip region consists of the hip joint and the hip bone and is an important part of the human skeleton.

The hip joint is a ‘ball and socket’ joint which means that the head of the femur (long bone of the thigh) is able to fit into a deep socket within the pelvis. The head of the femur is ball shaped hence the term ‘ball and socket’.

The hip bone, coccyx and sacrum all combine together to form the pelvis. The female pelvis is wider than the male pelvis.

The hip joint is further supported by a series of five ligaments which prevent any excessive movement in the hip joint.

What is a hip surgeon?

He or she will be an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in hip complaints such as fractures and arthritis. Will also treat congenital disorders such as hip dysplasia (hip dislocation).

What does a hip surgeon do?

He/she will carry out surgery on a range of hip disorders which includes:

  • Partial and full hip replacement
  • Hip resurfacing
  • Sports hip surgery

Hip replacement is a very popular form of surgery: this is carried out on patients with arthritis or who have suffered an injury.

Hip resurfacing involves the removal of damaged or diseased parts of the hip joint and replacing these with metal parts.

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