Radiology : Specialists

What is radiology?

This is a branch of medicine which uses medical imaging techniques such as CT/MRI scans and X-rays to help diagnosis a disease or disorder.

What is interventional radiology?

This is a sub-section of radiology which uses image guidance technologies in a range of procedures. Some of these procedures are undertaken purely for diagnostic purposes whereas others are performed as a form of treatment.

Examples of these include:

  • Angiogram: examining the inside of the blood vessels to check for a blockage.
  • Dialysis: insertion of peritoneal catheters.
  • Cholecystostomy: the insertion of a tube into the gallbladder
  • Thrombolysis: dissolving blood clots using drugs or as part of an angiogram.

What is a radiologist?

This is a medical professional who has trained in the field of radiology. He or she will use a variety of imaging technologies to diagnose or occasionally treat a disease.

What does a radiologist do?

They will use X-rays or more advanced imaging technologies such as MRI/PET scans or ultrasound to assess a medical condition. These are performed, mainly for diagnostic purposes but in some cases they form part of the treatment.

Other imaging technologies include:

  • Fluoroscopy: a type of x-ray imaging which enables the surgeon to see the function of an organ in real-time.
  • Nuclear medicine: the use of radioactive substances to produce a three-dimensional image of the body.
  • Bone scanning: using MRI or CT imaging to detect bone disorders.
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