Q10. Does counselling help?

A10. Yes. Talking to a trained professional can help as they will provide a non-judgemental, sympathetic view. They will not force you into making a decision and will encourage you to discuss your reasons for wanting an abortion.

They will not try to dissuade you from doing so either. They are there to support you with what is a very difficult decision.

A counselling session will enable you to explore all the options and will provide this support through the whole process. This help is available to you before, during and after your abortion.

Do not discount talking to your family and friends but sometimes, talking to someone in a neutral and friendly environment is more beneficial.

All clinics have their own personal counselling service which is available to you 24 hours a day.

Counselling is particularly helpful after an abortion when you are coming to terms with the outcome. Find out more in our coping after an abortion section.

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