Buying contact lenses in store

For many people, it is easier and less time consuming to buy their lenses in store. They prefer to purchase their contact lenses or set up a direct debit with the store where they usually have their eye tests and/or contact lens assessment.

An advantage of this is that the store will retain your medical records (eye history) as well as be familiar with your particular eyesight needs.

Plus if anything goes wrong with your lenses or you develop an eye condition as a result of wearing contact lenses then they will be ideally placed to treat it.

This is a popular option although others prefer buying contact lenses online.

Check the method of placing an order

If you are thinking of purchasing contact lenses in store then there may be a prescribed way of doing so depending upon who the provider is.

This can involve the initial consultation, method of payment, aftercare and delivery.

Some people prefer to buy their lenses as and when needed whereas others opt for a monthly direct debit scheme. This may include a home delivery option where you receive a two or three months supply of lenses.


Contact lenses are safe and easy to use but it is a good idea to undergo an ‘aftercare check up’ on a regular basis to monitor the condition of your eyes.

You should have an eye test every two years and this can be combined with a contact lens check at the same time. This will ensure that your eyes remain healthy and any potential problems can be detected at an early stage.

Many opticians have aftercare packages which include contact lens checks plus routine aftercare checkups. This may also include a couple of free pairs of contact lenses and a reduction if buying a pair of single vision glasses or sunglasses.

This may differ between providers but they usually offer an aftercare package in which the contact lens check ups are included as an all in one offer.

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