Daily disposable lenses

These are single wear contact lenses which are worn and then discarded (or disposed) at the end of the day, hence the name ‘daily disposable’. They are a popular type of lens with people who have a busy lifestyle and do not have the time or inclination to clean and care for their lenses over a period of time.

Attraction of daily disposable lenses

There are several attractions of wearing daily disposable lenses which are discussed as follows.

Easy to use

The advantage of these lenses is that the old pair are thrown away at the end of each day and replaced with a new pair the following day.

This eliminates other problems such as the worry about losing a lens or finding that your lenses have degraded in quality and are less comfortable to wear.

Plus the cost of daily disposable lenses has reduced to the point where they are similar in price to non-disposable lenses. Previously, the issue of cost was the reason why many people did not choose daily disposable lenses as they were more expensive than the non-disposable types. But this has changed and now they are practically similar in price.


Another plus is the fact that they are considered the most hygienic and safest of all the lenses due to the fact that they worn only the once before being thrown away. This prevents the build up of bacteria or other germs on the lens which can lead to an eye infection.


This is a very thin and pliable type of lens which is extremely comfortable but needs handling with care. They are a good choice of lens for people with allergies due to less risk of an irritation or infection in the eyes.

The downsides of these lenses are: flimsy and prone to breakage; do not last as long as other lenses and reduce the amount of oxygen which passes to the eye.

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