Monthly disposable lenses

Monthly disposable lenses are a good affordable option. They are worn for a period of up to 4 weeks and are replaced with a new set after then. They are often a cheaper alternative to daily disposable lenses.

These lenses need to be cleaned and soaked in a solution before reuse. It is important that you soak these in new solution each time you wear them and rinse them off before placing into your eyes.

So, remember: remove, clean, soak and replace.

Monthly disposable lenses allow a greater amount of oxygen to reach the eye which is important for eye health.

Conversely, the longer you wear a lens for the greater the likelihood the lens will become coated with substances such as proteins or oils which affect both its quality and effectiveness.

The only way to prevent this is to choose a short term lens, for example a two weekly or daily disposable lens.

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