Contact lenses costs

Contact lenses are much cheaper than they used to be and can be very good value for money. This will depend upon the type of lens you choose but your lifestyle and contact lens prescription will be a deciding factor.

The cost of lenses is determined by a number of factors which include:

  • Refractive error
  • Materials used to produce contact lenses
  • Duration of wear
  • Cleaning products/solutions

Refractive error

This refers to your type of vision problem, e.g. short sightedness, long sightedness, presbyopia etc. If you suffer from astigmatism or have presbyopia then this can mean a more expensive type of lens. Contact lenses for these two eye conditions are more costly than those for short and long sightedness.

Materials used to produce contact lenses

There are certain types of lenses which are made from materials which cost more than others. Plus if you require a custom made lens then this will also be more expensive than an off the shelf lens.

An example of a custom made lens is those produced for ‘hard to fit’eyes or conditions such as keratoconus.

Duration of wear

Daily disposable lenses tend to be more expensive than reusable lenses. Although you will have to buy contact lens cleaning fluids and solutions which increases the overall cost.

With daily disposable lenses you are paying for the freedom and convenience.

Cleaning solutions

This applies to reusable lenses only. If you buy daily wear, two weekly, monthly or continuous wear lenses then this will have to be cleaned and reused according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you decide to buy coloured contact lenses or novelty lenses such as those used in the theatre and film industries then these will have their own set of prices.

Examples of prices

Prices for contact lenses vary but here are a few examples which are designed as a rough guide.

Prices per direct debit scheme:

Daily disposable lenses: 30 pairs at £16.00

Monthly reusable lenses with cleaning solutions: £14.00

Daily disposable lenses: £100 for 90 pairs (3 months supply)

Monthly reusable lenses: £90 for 6 pairs (6 months supply)

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