Contact lenses advice

Contact lenses are a simple and effective way of correcting faulty vision. They are preferred over glasses for their comfort and convenience and have become affordable for many people.

But you do need to follow the instructions provided and care for your lenses as per these instructions. This will reduce the risk of an eye infection or any other condition.

If you are new to wearing contact lenses then it is important that you obtain advice from a qualified practitioner/optician and are fitted with a suitable pair of lenses. The optician will check that the lenses match your prescription and are a good fit for your eyes.

Caring for your contact lenses

Here are a few suggestions for looking after your lenses.

Daily disposable lenses

If you have chosen daily disposables then you do not have to clean and soak these each night. But what you must re-use these lenses or share them with another person.

They are designed to be worn once and then discarded.

If you choose these lenses then it is still a good idea to have regular contact lens check ups with your optician.

Extended wear lenses

Extended wear lenses are worn for long periods of time, which may include night time wear. Follow any instructions given and do not wear these at night unless otherwise directed.

You may require more check ups with this type of lens.

Reusable lenses

This refers to daily, two weekly, monthly and continuous wear lenses. These lenses are worn before being removed for cleaning and overnight soaking.

What is important here is that you clean your lenses thoroughly in order to remove protein deposits and other substances which build up on the lenses.

You will be advised about the best way of cleaning your lenses and which solutions to use. This may include rubbing the lenses with a special disinfectant before soaking them in a solution.

Devise a contact lens cleaning routine

It is a good idea to have a routine for cleaning your lenses. For example:

  • Wash your hands before removing your lenses
  • Remove each lens (start with the right eye)
  • Rub the lens with a cleaning substance
  • Place the lens in the storage case (filled with contact lens solution)
  • Leave this to soak overnight

In the morning, rinse the lens and throw away the solution. Do not reuse the contact lens solution. A fresh solution must be used each time.

Do not forget to clean out your storage case. Neglecting to do so can increase the risk of an infection so it is important that you do this on a regular basis.

A good habit is to rinse the case out on a daily basis and then leave it to dry. Do this each time you replace your lenses. Change this for a new storage case at the end of each month.

Give the storage case a good clean each week with the contact lens solution.

A good way of remembering your lens cleaning routine is this:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Daily soaking
  • Weekly removal of protein deposits

Contact lens tips

Even if you have daily disposable lenses it is recommended that you keep a pair of glasses to hand. This is useful if you have times when you are unable to wear your lenses for whatever reason.

Always clean your hands each time you handle your lenses. Take particular care when preparing and cooking food, as there is a risk of transferring particles of food onto the lenses and into the eyes.

Make sure that you replace your lenses at intervals specified by your optician. For example, if you have monthly reusable lenses then remember to replace these as soon as the month is up.

Have regular contact lens check ups with your optician.

If you experience any problems with your lenses then speak to your optician. If you are unsure about what constitutes a problem then ask yourself this:

  • Are your eyes red and sore?
  • Do you find it difficult to see with your lenses?
  • Do your lenses feel uncomfortable?
  • Do you find it difficult to insert and remove your lenses?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then ask your optician for advice.

Do not wet your lenses with saliva or tap water before inserting them. Do not go swimming whilst wearing lenses unless you are wearing swimming goggles.

Don’t forget to remove your lenses before having a shower.

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