Corrective lenses

The main function of contact lenses is to correct the vision. This is usually the case with eye conditions such as myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia (long sightedness) and astigmatism.

The two other types of contact lenses include cosmetic lenses and medical lenses.

Improved vision is the main reason why people wear contact lenses. Other options include glasses or laser eye surgery but contact lenses are seen as a quick, easy and affordable answer to the problem of faulty eyesight.

What a contact lens does is to rectify a refractive error such as short sightedness by enabling light to be properly focussed onto the retina. This enables a person to an object clearly and distinctly.

There is another type of contact lens which is tinted red to enable people with colour blindness to improve the way they see different colours, e.g. red and green.

Corrective lenses are worn instead of eyeglasses as they offer an improved range of vision, are comfortable and easy to use. Plus they do not have the problem of falling off, becoming misted or steamed up or rubbing against the bridge of the nose.

Many people prefer the appearance of corrective contact lenses compared to eyeglasses.

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