Vial lenses

Vial contact lenses are a type of lens which is designed to be worn for a long period of time. This ranges from 3 months to a year which means a prolonged replacement plan.

The term ‘vial’refers to the way these lenses are packaged. They are packaged in individual sealed containers which help to preserve their longevity.

It is this longevity which distinguishes them from other types of contact lenses. They are produced from a firmer material and are also gas permeable which means that they enable a greater amount of oxygen to reach the eye.

Types of vial lenses

Vial lenses are available as soft or rigid lenses and cover the same area of your eye in the same way as any other type of lens. They are suitable for refractive errors such as short sightedness, long sightedness and even astigmatism.

You have the choice between a soft or rigid vial lenses but your choice will be governed by personal preference and eye problem.

As you might imagine these lenses are stronger and more robust than other types of lenses and last for a long period of time. They are a good option for people who for whatever reason are unable to wear disposable lenses.

Looking after vial lenses

Care and hygiene are as important for these lenses as any other type. They need to be cleaned and soaked each time they are worn and must not be left in overnight. These lenses are cleaned in either of two ways:

  • Soak overnight in a lens solution
  • Disinfecting followed by an overnight soak

The lenses are then rinsed off and replaced the following morning.

Vial contact lenses are cheaper and longer lasting than many other types of contact lenses.

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