Two weekly disposable lenses

These contact lenses are similar to daily disposable lenses except for the fact that they are discarded after two weeks. They are sometimes known as ‘daily wear’ lenses which means that they are worn during the day but taken out at night. These lenses are replaced with a new set at the end of the fortnight.

This type of lens often requires only a minimal amount of care. They are removed, cleaned and then soaked in a lens solution overnight which removes any debris or protein deposits which have collected under the lens.

The lenses are then rinsed in the morning before being placed back into the eyes.

Example lens care routine

The routine is as follows:

  • Place lens in the eye
  • Remove at the end of the day
  • Clean
  • Soak in solution
  • Rinse
  • Replace in the eye

Most people adapt quickly and easily to this routine. It is important that you follow these instructions as stated and do not be tempted to leave your lenses in overnight.

Good hygiene is a very important part of contact lens care as it reduces the risk of eye infections as well as prolonging the life of your lens.

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