Where to buy contact lenses

Once you have been fitted for a pair of contact lenses and decide to continue wearing them then your next decision is where to purchase them from.

Many people choose to purchase their contact lenses via the internet as this is seen as a quick and easy way of doing so. Plus it is seen as a cheaper option as well.

Take all factors into account before buying contact lenses

But do not be guided by price only. Your eyes are too precious to take any chances with and it is better to pay a little extra to obtain the right advice, fitting and lenses which are suitable for you.

Everyone’s eyes are different which means it is important that you are fitted for a pair of lenses which suit your prescription, shape of eyes and lifestyle. In some cases, what looks like a good deal can turn out to be a false economy.

There is the option to buy contact lenses in store.

This means purchasing them from the shop where you underwent an eye test and a contact lens fitting. The advantage of this is that the optician and staff are familiar with your case and eye history and can recommend a pair of lenses which are safe and suitable.

This guide discusses both options are follows:

Plus we have included a section about what you can expect to pay for contact lenses. The prices will vary according to the type of lens and the duration of use, e.g. daily disposable, monthly etc.

Buying contact lenses is straightforward but there are a few things to consider before doing so. Find out more about those within this section.

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