Should I choose medical or surgical abortion?

A woman can choose either to have a medical or surgical abortion. However there are reasons why a woman may prefer to have the medical over the surgical method, or why it may be safer for her to have the medical instead of the surgical method:

  • The woman prefers not to have surgery
  • The woman is obese with a BMI over 30 complicating surgery
  • The woman has previously had cervical surgery which can cause surgical abortion complications
  • Medical abortion is considered more successful up to 49 days of gestation
  • Medical abortion may be a safer option if a woman has a fibroid uterus or if there is presence of abnormalities in the uterus
  • Avoiding additional risks associated with surgical abortion

Similarly, it may be more optimal for a woman to choose surgical abortion for the following reasons:

  • The woman prefers surgery to medication
  • The woman cannot take abortion medication due to allergy or existing prescriptions
  • The woman also requires sterilization at the time of abortion
  • The woman prefers not to have to have follow-up that is required in the medical method

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