Trying for pregnancy again

Whether the baby was lost due to miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion, there should be no reason, unless directly stated by the doctor, why a couple should not try to conceive again. Research suggests that it is wise for couples to wait until the female reproductive system heals, such as four to six weeks until just after the next period. In many cases though, the healing extends to the emotions and psyche, where women need time to address their grief and partners need to respect their need for healing.

Some couples may need counselling for their relationship if the pregnancy loss has affected how they interact and feel about each other. Others may opt not to pursue another pregnancy, due to age, health reasons, or personal choices. In some cases, conceiving and being pregnant again helps the couple overcome the loss of their first child. Doctors can also monitor the conception and pregnancy process to help couples, and professional advice is also available through the NHS and community organisations to guide couples in conception.

Losing a Baby:

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