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Sports medicine centres on the injuries associated with playing sports and exercising. Risk of injury in sport can be great due to the amount of strenuous activity involved, putting pressure on joints and muscles that are not generally strained as much in everyday use.

Of course the rewards for such exercise are many, and in addition to explaining the effects of different diseases and conditions we also seek to deliver advice on participating in sports healthily and avoiding injury. As an extensive resource in the area we offer diagnostic descriptions of numerous conditions related to various parts of the body, and also supply a large selection of information on rehabilitation and prevention.

Comprehensive Resource

This comprehensive guide provides accurate and comprehensible information about a wide range of sports related injuries. In addition to a variety of specific injuries we shall focus on those conditions related to particular sports and activities, incorporating everything from football to martial arts, so that you can gather relevant advice either when you encounter an injury or in order to take early measures to prevent it.

Causes of sports injury

We also cover many of the general causes of sports injuries and supply tips on how to avoid needless hurt through being attentive to your body’s needs and limits, as well as using the right equipment and training in a responsible way. One of the key considerations in preventing injury is in knowing how to play sports with awareness of the particular muscles and joints employed in each activity, and controlling and preparing for their usage as much as possible.

Treatments for sports injuries

Suggestions for self treatments and when to gain professional medical advice are all encompassed, with each entry on a specific injury incorporating relevant information on treatment, whether tips on what you can try yourself or the recommendation to consult a doctor, including ideas about the sorts of tests they may conduct. Furthermore, we offer articles on common remedies and assistance for less serious pains which do not usually require a doctor.

Specific sports injuries

Each article devoted to a particular injury will generally proceed from a brief and accessible overview of the condition through to its most prominent symptoms. Causes of the injury are then supplied to give you a better idea of how the problem arose, as there are regularly many possible routes to a certain injury which may reveal relevant information to the patient or a doctor. Possible treatments are discussed with care and accuracy. Finally we offer tips on preventative measures to ensure that the injury does not reoccur; many of these pointers will also assist in the general prevention of other sports related injuries.

This section covers information on treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of sports injuries. You will find reports on the latest medical findings for common sports injuries, with advice on training techniques that can be used to prevent common injuries.

Sports medicine

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