Ageing skin treatment

Your skin serves as a very visible reminder of the ageing process. Lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging areas of flesh are reminders of the inevitable passing of time which affects all of us.

Whilst most of us would rather not grow old the fact remains that it is a process which we cannot avoid. It is a part of your life and those of everyone else on this planet but there are ways of minimising the effects.

One of these anti-ageing methods is dermaroller.

The skin and the ageing process

So what happens to your skin as you age?

The cause of ageing is a decrease in collagen production. This is not a problem for young people as their skins are capable of producing collagen on a regular basis. This helps to keep their skin smooth, supple and full of vitality.

A young skin is strong, firm and durable. But collagen production slows down over time which means thin, tired looking skin containing lines and wrinkles. This is a sign of growing older. This signs of ageing are more noticeable around the mouth, the eyes (crow’s feet) and across the forehead. They also appear at the corners of the mouth and are known as ‘laughter lines’. The skin loses elasticity and starts to sag. Areas which are particularly affected include the neck and underneath the eyes. There are people who dislike sagging skin under the eyes (known as ‘bags under the eyes’) or the infamous ‘turkey wattle’ (sagging flesh underneath the chin).

Causes of ageing skin

Reduced collagen production is one cause but others include genetics and lifestyle factors.

There is little you can do about your genes in regard to ageing. These genes will determine the ageing pattern in regard to your skin and other parts of your body and will be mirrored down the generations.

So if your parents aged gracefully with only a few lines and wrinkles then you are likely to do the same. But the ageing process of your skin can be speeded up by your lifestyle. Smoking, excess alcohol consumption, stress, late nights, lack of exercise and excess sun exposure all contribute to the ageing process.

This is why it is important to follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly, reduce stress levels and wear suncream if you want to retain youthful looking skin.

Also consider using a cosmetic treatment such as dermaroller to help maintain the condition of your skin.

Treating ageing skin with dermaroller

Dermaroller is an effective form of treatment for ageing skin. Use this device every day to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles which are an obvious sign of ageing.

Rolling this device several times across your skin will stimulate collagen production which then acts as an anti-ageing solution. It causes the skin to become tighter and stronger which eradicates lines and wrinkles.

The skin becomes thicker and younger looking as well. If you are using a home dermaroller then be careful when using it around your eyes. Avoid using it on your eyelids and take equal care if rolling it around your lips. Do not touch the lips with this device.

The dermaroller is applied a few times to your skin and is then followed by the application of a vitamin based cream, gel or lotion. This will help to moisturise the skin as well as providing some extra support for collagen growth.

What dermaroller does is to create thousands of tiny puncture wounds in the skin but without any bleeding. These wounds then allow moisturisers and other similar skincare products to be absorbed at a much greater rate than usual. This increased absorption means that these products are able to reach deeper layers of skin where they are likely to be most effective. They also enhance the effects of any anti-ageing cream, gel or lotion.

It is a good idea to get into a routine of using a vitamin based moisturising cream each time you use a dermaroller. This applies to home dermarollers and treatment carried out at a private clinic.

If you use a private clinic then the dermaroller practitioner will advise you further about this.

Results of ageing skin treatment with dermaroller

The results will vary according to your skin type and the extent of the ageing process on your skin. Plus it is important to remember that we all react in different ways to treatment and that means that some people will show quicker results then others. If dermaroller is used on a daily basis then you will see the effects fairly quickly. The reason for this is that lines, wrinkles and crows feet are caused by natural processes within the skin and not via external stresses and strains, e.g. stretch marks.

So there is a good chance that your skin will repair itself much quicker than previously thought.

There are dermarollers which contain micro-needles which are particularly designed to remove lines and wrinkles. If you are thinking of buying a dermaroller to use at home then choose one which is designed to do just that.

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