Post treatment skincare

An important aspect of dermaroller is the aftercare. This basically means using a range of skincare products which are designed to enhance the results of this treatment.

Dermaroller is used to treat a variety of skin complaints, for example stretch marks, acne scars etc. This treatment involves the use of a device (or small roller) which contains 192 tiny needles for the purpose of stimulating the skin to heal and rejuvenate itself.

This procedure is painless but it can leave your skin looking as if it has experienced a mild case of sunburn. Whilst this is not harmful it may cause a bit of discomfort which is where post treatment skin care comes in.

Your skin will undergo a repair process over the next few weeks which involve the creation of collagen and elastin –two proteins in the skin which are responsible for its strength and elasticity.

But this process can be further enhanced by means of vitamin based lotions, creams and gels. This will also include a special cream called ‘Chiroxy’.

Chiroxy cream

This cream is used by dermaroller practitioners and aesthetic/cosmetic professionals for its oxygenating properties. What this cream does is to increase the amount of oxygen in your skin which then stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Both of these proteins are triggered by fibroblasts (cells found within connective tissue) whose principal role is that helping to repair wounds.

But these cells require oxygen in order to produce collagen and elastin for this very purpose.

Your practitioner will advise you to use this cream for 24 to 48 hours following your dermaroller treatment.

Other skincare products

You will find that many clinics can recommend a range of skincare products, ideally suited for dermaroller patients.

They will also recommend that you use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) following treatment as your skin will be reddened and extremely sensitive. So use a product such as this to protect it against the sun.

An example of this is ‘Heliocare Sunscreen’.

Continue to use this sunscreen for at least two weeks after treatment. Do this even in the winter months.

Your clinic will advise you to use a moisturiser for the first few weeks after treatment as your skin can become dry as it undergoes the repair and rejuvenation process. Use this until otherwise instructed.

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