Lines and wrinkles treatment

Lines across the forehead, wrinkles and the dreaded ‘crow’s feet’are all unwelcome reminders of growing old. They gradually develop over time as the skin loses its elasticity due to a reduction in collagen and elastin levels.

Your skin becomes thinner, starts to sag and loses its fresh, glowing appearance which is a characteristic feature of being young.

So what can you do? One answer to this eternal problem is dermaroller.

Lines, wrinkles and the ageing process

These tend to appear as you reach your thirties or older but a few people are unlucky to get ‘laughter lines’ and other lines and wrinkles in their twenties.

However, there are some people who are fortunate enough to only start seeing these in late middle age. This is usually attributed to a good skincare routine and genetics.

The expression ‘choose your parents carefully’ is a truism in this situation.

But lines and wrinkles are an inevitable aspect of the ageing process which none of us can escape.

Treating lines and wrinkles with dermaroller

But there are ways of slowing this process down or even deferring it. These include botox, dermabrasion and dermaroller.

What dermaroller does is to stimulate the skin in producing new collagen which means thicker, tighter and young looking skin. The dermaroller device makes thousands of tiny pinpricks on the surface of the skin which do not cause any damage and are painless.

The benefits of this treatment are magnified when combined with the application to the skin of a vitamin based cream or any other anti-ageing product.

How does it work? The dermaroller is a hand held roller which contains 192 surgical micro-needles which are used to open the pores of the skin.

Once the pores are open they are able to better absorb any creams, lotions or other anti-wrinkle products which increases their effectiveness.

Your skin interprets this process as ‘damage’ and responds by producing extra collagen and elastin which heals these wounds and boosts the protective qualities of the skin. If this is repeated then this healing process continues which further improves the tone and appearance of your skin.

Results of treating lines and wrinkles with dermaroller

Dermaroller stimulates the skin into producing collagen and elastin which plumps out its appearance and smoothes away any lines and wrinkles. Plus it also increases blood flow and ensures that the skin receives the optimum amount of nutrients needed for health and vitality.

The results can be viewed in as little as a week after treatment. One of the reasons for this quick reaction is that the skin renews itself within a short period of time (every 40 days) so any changes will be instantly noticeable.

This treatment can be performed at a clinic or in the comfort of your own home. There are home based dermaroller kits which enable you to continue with this treatment to sustain the results.

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