Medic roller

The medic roller is an affordable dermaroller which is particularly attractive to anyone on a tight budget. It may be cheaper than some other types of rollers but a low price does not mean low quality.

This dermaroller is considered to be a good quality roller which can compete with many others and therefore, should be considered along with these others.

The one drawback is that it is not pre-sterilised which means you will have to do this yourself. But this is a small disadvantage when compared to its positive aspects.

Medic roller design and function

This type of dermaroller has an ergonomic shape which makes it easy to use and control. It contains 192 fine needles (known as ‘microneedles’) which have been produced from medical grade stainless steel and are designed to be slim yet strong.

It consists of a brightly coloured barrel, which contains the micro-needles, which sits within an equally coloured handle. The overall quality and build is good which makes this a dermaroller to consider.

The micro-needles are an important aspect of the dermaroller and this is no different with this type of roller. There are a range of needle lengths which accompany this roller which range from the ultra fine 0.25 mm through to the larger yet still slim 1.5 mm.

The smallest needles are used for treating lines and wrinkles as well as hair loss therapy. The larger needles are aptly suited to treating stretch marks, acne scars and cellulite removal.

These slim needles enable this dermaroller to be used in delicate or difficult to access areas of the face and/or body, for example underneath the eyes.

This roller must NOT be used on the eyelids or the lips.

The concept behind Medic roller

This roller is used as part of dermaroller treatment in that it is designed to naturally stimulate collagen formation as a means of healing any skin damage such as acne scars.

This roller does that by opening up the pores of the skin as the roller is moved across the outer layer or epidermis. The fine needles prick the surface of the skin without causing any damage, pain or bleeding. This also acts as a signal for the body to start the healing process.

The healing process is where the body produces collagen and elastin as a form of repair and rejuvenation. This removes all aspects of that condition, for example the smoothing away of fine lines on the face.

A crucial part of the treatment is the combination of this roller with a set of aftercare skin creams or lotions which aid with healing as well as acting as a moisturising agent.

These skin products contain the vitamins C and E along with other nutrients which improve the health and appearance of the skin.

How to use Medic roller

This dermaroller is easy to use. It fits neatly into your hand and enables you to roll this device in a series of up and down strokes across the area of skin to be treated. Do not overdo this.

Follow any instructions that accompany this roller.

For more information about using a dermaroller visit our home based dermaroller section within this guide. There you will find a step by step guide to using a roller which includes what to do before treatment, using the dermaroller and caring for your skin after treatment.

Cost of Medic roller

The prices vary according to whether you buy a single roller or a multipack. A single roller costs around £33 but this works out much cheaper if you purchase a multipack. If you do then you can expect to pay £25 per roller.


Alternatives to Medic roller

There are several alternatives to Medic roller which include:

  • Doctor Roller dermaroller
  • Micronurse MNS dermaroller
  • Scienta dermaroller
  • ZGTS disposable dermarollers
  • ZGTS titanium dermaroller

It is worthwhile comparing the Medic roller with these alternatives before making a decision. Weigh up the pros and cons of each before you purchase a dermaroller.

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