Doctor roller dermaroller

This is a very popular brand of dermaroller which is also considered to be one of the best. It is simply designed yet effective and also comes pre-sterilised so you do not have do this before using it.

Dr Roller design and function

This roller contains 192 fine micro-needles which are fitted in a cross-lined formation thus enabling the skin to be drawn tightly whilst being used. This tightness forces the pores of the skin open which also ensures that the process is more comfortable for you.

These micro-needles are made of very fine surgical steel and are designed to be long lasting. They are available in a variety of different lengths which range from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm for home use and 2 mm to 2.5 mm for professional use.

The most popular size of needle is 1.0 mm.

The roller handle is well designed and ensures that this device can be used by anyone.

There is a variation on this roller called a ‘three line roller’which is designed for hard to reach areas of the body such as those spaces around the nose.

The concept behind Dr Roller

The idea behind this roller is that it gently opens up the pores of your skin which then acts as a trigger to start producing collagen and elastin. These two proteins are the building blocks of the skin and are produced as part of your body’s healing process.

This opening of the pores also means easy access for skin care products which contain nutrients that help to boost collagen production.

A skin care cream is provided with the roller: this product is usually enriched with vitamins C and E plus evening primrose oil and aloe vera. These are designed to speed up the healing process as well as keeping your skin soft and lubricated.

How to use Dr Roller

There will be a set of instructions with this roller or another option is to visit the Dr Roller website. But why not visit our home based dermaroller section which contains useful information about preparing for and using a dermaroller. This information applies to all types of dermaroller.

Frequency and duration of use may vary slightly between the different types of dermaroller but, in the main, there is very little difference between them.

Cost of Dr Roller

The prices for Dr Roller range from £51 for a single roller through to £191 for a pack of 5 rollers. As you might imagine there are considerable savings to be made if you buy in bulk and this saving increases the more rollers you buy.


Alternatives to Dr Roller

There are many dermarollers to choose from of which Dr Roller is one type. Others include:

Compare the Dr Roller dermaroller to these alternatives when deciding which roller to buy.

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