ZGTS disposable dermarollers

These rollers are an ideal choice for someone who is on a tight budget and/or is new to the world of dermaroller. They are a low cost roller and their disposability means that they will not last as long as the more expensive varieties.

But this is still an effective type of roller which is popular with a great many people and gives the types of results they want.

Another feature of this roller is the fact that it has already been sterilised which means you do not have to do this as part of your pre-treatment routine.

Using a dermaroller means setting up a treatment area in your home which includes sterilising the roller. But this brand along with a few others has been pre-sterilised.

That is something to consider when comparing the different types of rollers.

ZGTS disposable roller design and function

This roller is designed to be used and then thrown away so it is less robust and durable than the expensive types. But this roller is still designed in the same way as any other roller and is easy to use and effective.

The roller consists of a barrel with 192 surgical micro needles which are attached in a fitting as part of the handle. The handle is long and ergonomically shaped to sit nicely in the hand.

The micro needles are available in a range of sizes to suit the different types of skin complaints. They start from the smallest 0.25 mm needle through to the largest 1.5 mm needle.

As you might imagine the smallest needles are reserved for mild or light skin conditions such as lines, wrinkles and minor acne scars: whereas the larger needles are more suitable for deep scars, e.g. surgical scars.

But if you require a different size of needle than the ones that are currently available then contact the supplier.

(Source: www.dermaroller-planet.com/zgts-disposable-dermaroller) The ZGTS disposable roller can be applied to most areas of the face and body but avoid using it on the eyelids and lips.

The concept behind ZGTS disposable roller

This type of dermaroller is designed to treat a range of skin complaints ranging from acne scars and wrinkles through to stretch marks and deep scars.

This applies to all brands of rollers.

It does this by gently opening up the pores of the skin which triggers the skin’s natural healing process at the same time. These pores remain open for an hour which increases the absorbency of any skin care products.

The healing process involves the production of collagen and elastin which helps to repair any skin damage such as lines and wrinkles. Plus it also smoothes out these signs of ageing and generally, improves the appearance of your skin.

Your skin becomes thicker, firmer and fresher looking which has the added benefit of making you look younger than your actual years.

The dermaroller process is painless and does not cause any bleeding or damage to your skin. The roller causes a tickling sensation when applied to your skin but is unlikely to cause any discomfort.

You may find that your skin has a red, sunburnt appearance following this treatment but that can be eased with a vitamin enriched cream plus moisturiser. It will disappear after a short period of time.

The results of this treatment appear quickly and even more so the more times you use this roller. But as with any dermaroller, use it as directed.

How to use the ZGTS disposable roller

This is a throw away roller which means that you use it the once and then discard it. As a result of that this type of roller is less robust than many others but is an ideal choice if you are trying dermaroller for the first time.

You will find this a lightweight roller which fits neatly into your hand and is easy to use. Simply press the roller onto your skin and then roll it forwards and backwards in a series of smooth strokes.

A good way of using this is to roll it in a pattern similar to the four points of the compass. Roll it once towards the front (north), once to the left (west), then once to the right (east) and finally roll it to the back (south).

There will be a set of instructions enclosed with your roller but if not then visit our home based dermaroller section.

This section contains concise information on how to prepare for dermaroller, setting up your treatment area, using the roller and caring for your skin after the treatment.

Cost of the ZGTS disposable roller

The cost of a single ZGTS disposable roller is less than that for other types of rollers. But this is mainly due to the fact that it is designed to be discarded after use so is less strong and durable as the others.

As a guide you will pay £18 for a single ZGTS disposable roller.

A pack of three rollers costs £36.

A pack of five rollers costs £55.

There are savings to be made if you buy a multipack which tends to be the case with any bulk purchase.

(Source: www.dermaroller-planet.com/zgts-disposable-dermaroller)

Alternatives to the ZGTS disposable roller

If this does not appeal to you then there are a range of alternatives. These include:

Compare the features, benefits, prices of any of these rollers.

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