Hair loss treatment

Losing your hair is never an easy thing to accept and for some people, dramatically impacts upon their quality of life. Whilst some people, particularly men, may be relaxed about going bald there are others who see this is as less than acceptable.

So what can you do about hair loss? If you are worried about losing your hair or are looking for ways of restoring your hair then consider dermaroller treatment.

Dermaroller is effective for both hair loss and hair restoration therapies.

What causes hair loss

Hair loss occurs in many people, especially men, who are particularly prone due to a condition called ‘male pattern baldness’or ‘androgenetic alopecia’. This is due to male hormones or androgens which impair the normal hair loss/growth cycle and prevent new hair from being grown.

Hair is shed as part of this cycle but no new hair is grown to replace this which results in thinning hair and eventual loss.

This condition starts in puberty and continues into adulthood and middle age. In fact, losing your hair, a spreading waistline and a tendency to forget things are signs of growing older.

How common is hair loss?

Around two thirds of men in the UK experience male pattern baldness. They will have lost an extensive amount of hair by the time they reach their 50’s.

Men also lose hair as part of the ageing process. This starts with a receding hairline and then extends to a characteristic ‘horseshoe pattern’by middle age.

Hair loss is more common in men than women and more acceptable. Women do lose their hair but this usually due to a traumatic event or an illness. However, women experience hair problems during puberty, pregnancy and the menopause.

There is a greater stigma attached to female hair loss compared to male hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss

There are several other causes of hair loss which include stress, poor lifestyle, certain medical conditions, e.g. anaemia, medication and excessive use of hair products.

Treating hair loss with dermaroller

There are a variety of treatments available for hair loss which includes dermaroller. Dermaroller helps to significantly reduce hair loss and boosts new hair growth.

It can also treat receding hairlines, bald patches, alopecia and thinning, brittle hair.

The dermaroller is a small type of handheld roller which is applied in a forwards and backwards motion across your skin. This is done several times in succession and feels like a tickling sensation.

It contains 192 tiny needles (known as ‘micro-needles’) which prick the top layer of the skin but without causing any damage. Basically, it opens up the pores of the skin which allows maximum absorption of any skincare (or haircare) products such as vitamin enriched moisturisers.

In this situation the dermaroller is used on the scalp but can also be used across many other areas of the body such as the abdomen, arms and legs and face.

In this treatment, the dermaroller is passed across the scalp with the aim of stimulating the circulation to ensure that the hair follicles receive an ample supply of blood. This enhancement will trigger the follicles into new hair growth.

Plus this will also stimulate the production of collagen which improves skin tone, elasticity and appearance.

Results of hair loss treatment with dermaroller

The most obvious result is reduced hair loss. But you need to continue with this treatment in order to maintain these results. So arrange to have a series of treatments on a regular basis or purchase a dermaroller to use at home.

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