Stretch marks treatment

Stretch marks are unsightly looking tears in the skin which are usually caused by pregnancy but can also be caused by adolescence, instant weight gain or weight training/bodybuilding.

We tend to assume these with women but stretch marks can develop in men as well.

What does a stretch mark look like?

A stretch mark appears as a slightly raised line within the skin which is purple or red in colour. It has a different texture to the rest of the skin but following treatment this becomes less noticeable over time.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur when the skin is stretched ahead of normal growth. The skin fails to keep pace with normal growth and as a result of this stretches or rips.

When the skin is stretched or under too much stress, collagen production is impaired which means that the skin becomes fragile and liable to break or tear.

The important thing to remember is that stretch marks do not cause any problems to your health and can be considered a purely cosmetic issue.

But they are ugly to look at and even more so during the summer. This is the time of year when you expose more of your body than normal and stretch marks on your abdomen, thighs, breasts and hips can be embarrassing. This is where they affect your confidence and self-esteem.

Stretch marks can be treated by a range of options which includes gels, lotions and creams through to laser therapy and even surgery. But consider another option, that of dermaroller.

Treating stretch marks with dermaroller

This treatment aims to stimulate the body into healing itself by means of collagen production. The dermaroller device does this but then extends this process so that the skin is healed to a greater extent than normal.

This healing results in the skin becoming thicker which causes stretch marks to fade and then disappear.

The treatment involves the application of a roller which penetrates the pores in the outer layer of skin or ‘epidermis’. As the device is rolled over your skin the needles located within the roller cause the pores of the skin to open.

The length of needle used will depend upon the fleshiness of the skin. Longer needles are used for fleshy skin.

This trauma does not cause any pain although you may experience a tingling sensation. The skin responds by producing increased amounts of collagen as a way of healing these wounds which has a beneficial effect on the skin as a whole.

The blood supply to the skin is improved; the skin thickens, becomes tighter and glows with health.

This treatment usually involves the application of a special cream, lotion or gel to the skin as a form of aftercare. This effect is boosted due to the opening of the pores via the dermaroller which means increased absorption and enhanced results.

Plus creams, gels or lotions also act as moisturisers for the skin which keeps it silky smooth and youthful.

Dermaroller can be carried out at a private clinic or at home using a special, home based roller.

Results of treating stretch marks with dermaroller

These depend upon your skin type, extent of your stretch marks, number of times you use dermaroller and your own individual reaction to the treatment.

Everybody reacts in a different way to this treatment. Some people will respond quicker than others. But in general, you can expect to see a result within a month after treatment.

Many people find that their stretch marks practically disappear although others may find that theirs have faded but have left a slight impression. But the majority of people are pleased with the results.

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