ZGTS titanium dermaroller

This is another budget roller which is ideally suited to anyone looking for a low cost roller which can still hold its own with the other brands.

It is popular with those people looking to use a dermaroller for skin problems such as stretch marks and scars. It is suitable for use on all types of skin and is considered a very effective roller.

The ZGTS titanium roller is pre-sterilised which means it is ready to use straight out of the box.

ZGTS titanium roller design and function

This is a slim, elegant looking roller which is well crafted and easy to use but is also a tough, long lasting device.

A particular feature of this roller is the fact that it can be used on large areas of the body which is due to the titanium alloy needles fixed in the barrel.

The barrel holds 192 micro needles which are made from titanium alloy which gives them both strength and durability. This means that they are better at treating large areas of the body, e.g. thighs rather than those which require precision needles.

Precision needles are more effective on those hard to access areas such as the near the nose, eyes and lips and certain parts of the body.

This roller comes with a variety of needle sizes which range from a tiny 0.3 mm to the largest 1.5 mm. The 0.3 mm needle is used purely to open up the pores of the skin for the application of a skin care product.

The 0.5 mm needle is used to treat signs of ageing: the 1.0 mm needle for stretch marks and cellulite removal: the 1.5 mm needle works well on thick scars and pitted skin.

This roller is not designed to be used on the face, in particular the lips and eyelids which are fragile and prone to damage.

The concept behind ZGTS titanium roller

All rollers are designed to be used as a non-surgical approach to the issue of skin repair and rejuvenation. They are inexpensive, easy to use and effective.

The ZGTS titanium roller is no exception.

The idea behind this is that the tiny micro needles penetrate (but do not damage) the outer layer of your skin. They open up these pores which the skin then interprets as a form of ‘damage’ and responds by initiating the production of collagen and elastin.

This is all part of the skin’s healing process. But the difference between the skin’s normal healing process and that triggered by dermaroller is this: this treatment is repeated over time which helps to continue this healing process which means firm, young looking skin.

Collagen and elastin are responsible for the growth of new skin and it is this new skin which repairs any damage caused by acne scars, stretch marks, cellutlite, surgical scars etc. It also removes the signs of ageing, e.g. lines and wrinkles.

These results are further boosted by the addition of a vitamin enriched skin cream/lotion/gel which is applied to the skin after treatment. A further boost comes in the form of a moisturising cream which helps to lubricate the skin.

How to use the ZGTS titanium roller

Instructions for use are supplied with your roller. A dermaroller is an easy device to use and as long as you follow the enclosed instructions, should not cause any problems.

Your skin will feel warm and tight after use and will have a reddish colour similar to a case of mild sunburn. This is entirely normal and will ease within 24 hours. You can apply a skin care product to your skin which will help with this.

The roller is moved across the area of skin to be treated in a series of sequential movements. Press firmly but do not overdo this to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

There is no pain associated with dermaroller but what you will experience is a tickling sensation as you move the roller over your skin.

One way of using a roller is to imitate the points of a compass and roll it front, left, right and then backwards. This ensures even coverage without overdoing it.

If you want to learn more about using a dermaroller then why not visit our home based dermaroller section. This section discusses this process in more detail which includes a discussion of how to set up a sterile environment and the actual treatment itself.

Cost of the ZGTS titanium roller

This is a common theme throughout all of these sections and is the one thing we all want to know when thinking of purchasing a dermaroller.

As with any roller, the price drops the more rollers you buy. So it is more cost effective to buy a multipack of rollers rather than a single one. This is an important factor in today’s economic climate.

A single ZGTS titanium roller costs £30.

Pack of two ZGTS titanium rollers costs £54.

Pack of three ZGTS titanium rollers costs £76.50.

Pack of four ZGTS titanium rollers costs £96.00.

Pack of five ZGTS titanium rollers costs £112.50.

The savings increase the more rollers you buy so it is better to buy in bulk. But if you have never tried a dermaroller before then purchase a single roller to start with.

Alternatives to the ZGTS titanium roller

There are a range of rollers to choose from which include:

Compare these with each other before buying.

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