Q9. What is a ‘needs assessment?’

A9. This is a review, carried out by your social services department, of your physical and mental needs. They will look at any physical problems you have plus the emotional/social aspects of your life in order to determine the type, and amount of care you require.

Someone from social services will visit you in your home and talk to you about what you need and what they are able to offer.

The range of services available varies between local authorities so you might not be offered everything that you need. Social services use ‘eligibility criteria’which are a set of rules about who they offer help to and you will have to meet these criteria in order to be offered help. They may also carry out a financial assessment which looks at your capital and income and whether you are able to contribute towards the cost of your care. After the assessment you will be given a ‘care plan’ which is a document outlining your needs, the services available to you and how these will be delivered. You will be allocated a ‘care manager’: someone who is responsible for arranging this for you.

Social services can arrange services for you or if you wish, can give you money to pay for your own care called ‘Direct Payments’.

If they arrange services for you then these could involve more than one source, for example a place in a day centre run by a charity or meals on wheels from the WRVS.

They have a responsibility to ensure that you are getting the right services for you and that these fully meet your needs.

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