What is the breast implant replacement procedure?

The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic or via IV sedation. It involves the surgeon making an incision around the areola or in the natural crease underneath the breast.

He/she will cut open the protective capsule and carefully remove the implant from its pocket. If the implant is the silicone gel type then it will be checked for signs of damage. If it is the saline version then the surgeon may deflate it before removal.

The surgeon will then insert a new implant.

There is likely to be minimal pain following the surgery. If you do experience any pain then you will given painkillers to deal with this.

As regards recovery, you will be sore and tired for the first few days following surgery. Arrange for someone to drive you home and to be on hand in case you need anything.

For more information about the post-recovery process, visit our section ‘What does recovery from breast augmentation involve?’ (Breast Augmentation FAQs). This section covers all you need to know about breast enlargement surgery and implants.

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