Should I consider a neck lift surgery?

The ageing process and gravity cause the skin of the neck and jaw line to lose elasticity and tone. This manifests itself as ‘age bands’ around the neck and loose folds of skin and fat around the jaw bone. If you have noticeable ‘jowls’ then consider this procedure.

If you have recently lost a great deal of weight, either by dieting or from weight loss surgery then you may have sagging folds around your neck and jaw.

Your surgeon will be able to decide whether you are suitable for neck lift surgery. He or she will take various factors into account which include your age, current weight, general health and motivations for surgery.

The minimum age for this surgery is 18 although exceptions can be made for those aged 16 or 17. Even though a neck lift is associated with older people due to the ageing process it can be a good procedure for young patients if they have lost vast amounts of weight. Surgeons prefer younger patients to have reached their full growth and in the case of girls, started their periods before considering this procedure.

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