Q8. How does dermaroller work?

A8. The dermaroller contains 192 micro-needles which trigger the growth of new skin. As the roller is moved across the surface of your skin it penetrates the outer layer of skin or epidermis.

This penetration does not hurt or damage the skin: what it does do is to gently open the pores of the outer layer of skin, creating a series of micro-channels as it does so.

This acts as a trigger for the body to stimulate the skin into healing this ‘damage’. The skin produces two proteins called collagen and elastin which help to repair the skin. They improve blood flow to the skin as well as produce new skin cells which cause a new layer of skin to form.

This hides the signs of a skin problem such as smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles or reducing any surgical scars. Plus it also enables skin care products such as vitamin enhanced creams to be better absorbed into the skin.

The combination of both of these means maximum results.

This process is covered in more detail in our dermaroller procedure section.

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