Q6. Is it better to have dermaroller done professionally or at home?

A6. That is entirely your decision. It depends upon your type of skin problem and lifestyle.

A dermaroller session is quick and easy to do which means that it can easily slot into a daily routine. The choice is whether you wish to do this or prefer to book sessions at a clinic.

Price also plays a part. It is cheaper to buy a dermaroller to use at home rather than paying for a session at a clinic so think about your budget when making a decision.

One option is to have dermaroller treatment done professionally via a clinic but then continue with this treatment at home. This is something you need to consider if you wish to maintain the results.

If you want to maintain your new, improved skin then you will require additional sessions. But you can do this at home. There are dermarollers which are designed to be used up to five times a week which will continue the healing process and the improved condition of your skin.

Weigh up the pros and cons of either of these. There are advantages to having this treatment at a clinic, but compare this with using a dermaroller at home.

If you are interested in private treatment then visit our finding a clinic section. This contains information about what to consider when searching for a clinic.

But if you prefer to do it yourself at home then visit our home based dermaroller section. This section contains enough information for you to make a decision about which roller to use and why.

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