Q10. Are contact lenses easy or difficult to use?

A10. Many people find that they do not experience any problems with handling their lenses. They find them easy to insert and remove from their eyes and quickly adapt to them.

It takes a little practice but they are easy to place onto your eyes.

Make sure that you wash your hands before handling your lenses. Start by making sure that your lens is not inside out before insertion. If you are not sure what to look for then check to see that the lens looks like a ball cut in half.

It is easier to start with the right eye: place the lens on the tip of your finger and with the other hand, pull up your upper eyelid. Try and widen your eyes to increase access.

Place the lens on your eye. You may find it easier to look straight ahead whilst doing so. Use your finger to move the lens into position if necessary. Try not to blink whilst you are doing this.

Close your eye gently.

The lens may pop out: if it does then repeat the process. If the lens falls on the floor then clean it before reusing. If it is a daily disposable then throw it away and use a fresh lens. Do not use saliva to help with the insertion. Once the lens is in position then look in a mirror to check that it is sitting over your cornea.

You may have to do this a few times until you become accustomed to doing so. Some people find that that it takes then longer than others but perseverance is the key.


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