Q8. Which are the right lenses for me?

A8. Your optician will decide which lenses are suitable for you. We are all different in regard to the types of lenses we need as this depends upon the shape of your eyes, their condition, your vision problem and lifestyle.

So, a set of lenses which suits one person may not suit another. Your eye prescription (from your eye test) plus contact lens prescription will determine the most suitable lenses for you.

This is discussed at greater length in our contact lens assessment section. This assessment is arranged with an optician and involves a contact lens fitting plus questions about your lifestyle. You may have a trial fitting in which you wear a pair of lenses for a short period of time followed by an eye examination.

The optician or contact lens practitioner will want to be certain that he/she has fitted you with a pair of lens which are a good fit and suited to your eyes only.


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