This is usually linked to hair removal especially excess or unwanted hair but it can also be used to treat thread veins.

Electrolysis or 'diathermy' involves passing an electric current through the skin and into the thread veins. This current produces a great deal of heat which kills the thread veins in much the same way as laser therapy does.

This is a cheaper form of treatment compared to laser treatment or intense pulsed light treatment.

Find out more about this cost-effective procedure in this section.

Note: this procedure is only performed on leg veins only. It is not suitable for facial thread veins as there is a risk of a blood clot forming if this liquid is injected into these veins.

The electrolysis procedure

A topical anaesthetic may be given. This takes the form of a gel which acts as a local anaesthetic and helps numb the area of skin to be treated.

The therapist uses a very thin needle to conduct the electric current into your skin. He/she inserts this into your skin before enabling the electric current to travel through this and into the thread veins.

Once this current reaches the designated vein it generates intense heat which kills off this vein. The vein becomes inflamed and breaks down before forming scar tissue.

This vein fades and is then becoming absorbed by your body. There is no recurrence of this treated vein, but, there is always a risk of new veins appearing.

This is a relatively painless procedure although you may experience a tingling or burning sensation on your skin. The treated area of skin will have a red appearance –similar to a case of mild sunburn although this will disappear after a day or so.

A typical session can take from 15 to 30 minutes although this varies between individuals. It depends upon the number of thread veins to be treated.

A single session may be sufficient enough to remove all traces of thread veins but most people require several sessions over a designated period of time.

This is a painstaking form of treatment which is carried out on one vein at a time. So be prepared to undergo several sessions before you notice a difference.

Post electrolysis treatment

A moisturising cream applied to the treated leg will soothe any redness and discomfort. It will also keep the skin supple and hydrated.

Scabs may form on the treated area but these tend to be mild and will ease. Any side effects such as this are minor and will disappear after a day or so.

Guide to Thread Veins

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