This is a non-surgical form of treatment for thread veins in which a chemical is injected into these veins which causes an inflammation within its walls. This weakens the veins which collapse in on themselves and reduce in size.

The shrunken veins fade over time before being absorbed into the skin.

Microsclerotherapy is a newer version of the standard sclerotherapy procedure which is commonly performed on varicose veins.

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The microsclerotherapy procedure

This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic. This is likely to take the form of a topical gel which is applied to your skin.

The therapist will inject a solution into your veins using an ultra thin needle. This solution is a type of liquid chemical which harms the veins but does not cause you any ill effects.

The damage caused to the veins results in the formation of scar tissue which also closes the vein. This also prevents blood from flowing through them which is then redirected into healthy veins.

The treated veins shrink and fade and gradually disappear over a period of time

Post microsclerotherapy treatment

A light dressing will be wrapped around your treated leg. This is worn for a day or two and then removed.

You may be asked to wear compression stockings after this dressing has been removed which speeds up the healing process. But this will depend upon the extent of your treatment.

Guide to Thread Veins

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