What is the breast implant removal surgery procedure?

It is usually performed under IV sedation or a general anaesthetic. An incision is made in the crease under the breast or around the areola (the brown circular area surrounding the nipple).

The surgeon will cut into the protective ‘capsule’ (scar tissue covering) and remove the implant. If it is a silicone implant then the surgeon will check it over for signs of damage. If it is the saline version then he/she may deflate it before removal.

The surgeon will replace these with new implants. He/she may also remove the capsule covering the implants - if the implant is not going to be replaced.

If the implants and capsules are removed then there will some pain and discomfort following this surgery. This pain will be very similar to the one experienced after the original breast surgery.

If the implants only are removed then there is likely to be a small amount of pain.

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