VAGINOPLASTY (vaginal tightening surgery)

This is also known as vaginal tightening and is the name given to the cosmetic procedure which tones and tightens up loose vaginal muscles often caused by childbirth.

This procedure also enhances sexual pleasure and gratification.

What is ‘vaginoplasty’?

This is a cosmetic procedure which tightens the muscles of the vagina which have become slack as a result of childbirth. It can also enhance lovemaking for women hence why it is often known as a ‘designer vagina’.

In the case of childbirth the muscles of the vagina loosen and stretch during delivery. These ease the passage of the baby. However, the problem arises when these expanded muscles stay weak and loose which can cause long term problems. These include stress incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

Vaginoplasty can be performed with other procedures such as a labiaplasty (surgery conducted on the inner or outer lips of the vagina).

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