What are the risks of body lift surgery?

There are risks albeit small ones with all cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic surgery is safe but complications can happen and it is as well to be aware of these when considering surgery.

There are side effects common to all surgery and these include infection, bleeding, adverse reaction to anaesthesia, blood clot in the lung (pulmonary embolism) and blood clot under the skin (haematoma).

Note: if you develop any of these when you are at home or notice a rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath or chest pains then contact your surgeon instantly.

Every cosmetic procedure comes with complications which are specific to that procedure. With the body lift the main problems are likely to be numbness or loss of sensation in a treated area, development of seromas (build up of fluid underneath the skin) and small skin separations.

These can be successfully treated if they do arise.

Scarring is another feature. This is extensive surgery which results in scarring and these can take up to 18 months or more to fade. They don’t completely disappear but can be hidden underneath your clothing.

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