How much does breast capsulectomy surgery cost?

Breast capsulotomy or capsulectomy is a surgical operation which removes or releases the capsule that surrounding previously placed breast implants. The cost of this procedure can vary greatly and there are a few factors that influence cost of breast capsulectomy. The occurrence of capsules is quite rare and only occurs in approx 6% of people who have had breast implants.

The following procedures for breast capsulectomy will vary in cost greatly:

  • Treatment of the breast capsule on both sides and replacement of both implants
  • Treatment of the breast capsule and removal of both implants without replacement.
  • Treatment and release of the capsule on both sides without replacement or removal of implants.

Other factors that will influence the cost of breast capsulectomy will be:

  • The experience and location of the surgeon.
  • The hospital which the capsulectomy operation will take place in
  • The type of breast implants used to replace your existing ones

Although the price of capsulectomy treatment is important try not to base your decision soley on costs but also base it on the experience of the surgeon and the and results of their previous work.  The best way to choose a plastic surgeon is to look at the before and after photos of similar surgery you are interested in and experince a through consultation. Ask to see at least 15 similar case studies.

Costs for the removal and replacement of both implants with a capsulectomy will vary between £4000 to £7000 in the UK depending on the complexity of the case

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